Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Cutest pumpkin and Free Silhouette pumpkin cut file

Hello my friends...While Halloween is all about dressing up and going out trick or treating, it's also about decorating pumpkins, whether carving or painting so I thought I'd do a layout about my daughter's Halloween party at school.  Sorry, no costumes allowed and by the way, where's the fun in that?

Anyway, today's tutorial is all about super sized die cuts. I'm sharing a few TRICKS as well as a TREAT with you today.  Keep reading for more details...

I was inspired by this cute photo of my daughter painting a pumpkin at her school last year. I decided I wanted to do a super sized pumpkin cut with fringe on the inside.  At first, I had planned to use varying colors of orange for the fringe but orange is a bit hard to find in this collection so I went back to the drawing board.  I put my thinking cap on and went ahead and cut the pumpkin out.

You can download my free Silhouette cut file HERE.

I kept both pieces and you should too if you plan to recreate this project.  Set them both aside.

As I was pondering, I realized I should mimic the colors my daughter was painting her pumpkin - blues, red, yellows, green, etc. so I set out to look for fun patterns in those colors.

Next I cut little slits about 1/4" to 1/2" apart on each strip and adhered one on top of the other use the cut out piece that I would typically throw away as the base.

Once all the layers have been added, trim around the pumpkin and lay the overlay on top.  Stitch it to the top for a pretty effect.

Pull up gently on the little strips to lift them up. You can simply lift them or roll them up over a thin pencil or like object to curl the edges.

Add a title around the top of the pumpkin.  This title is included in the free Silhouette cut file, which you can download HERE (https://app.box.com/s/hv6z56dau55dwn6omrkrl58ulqvjcj08) or you can create your own.

Add layers of pattern paper, die cuts and stickers over and under your photo. Adhere to the page using foam adhesive to lift it up.  You don't want to crush those lovely lifted strips.

To complete the layout, I added journaling below the photo and around the bottom of the pumpkin along with a smaller alpha to complete the title, even though the large title at the top works great if used alone.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Please share any projects you make using this free cut file in the comments below.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Ballerina Girl

Hi friends, I'm here to talk to you today about layering.  I love how layers help add so much dimension to your layout and helps draw your eyes around the page.  I thought that I'd spend some time today walking you through my process for creating this layout.

To get started, select 5 - 6 coordinating pattern papers.

Trim your pattern paper to 6" long x anywhere from 1/2" to 1 1/2" high.  Lay them on the right half of the page, overlapping here and there until you are happy with how it looks.

Stitch across the middle of each paper strip. This will allow them to lift up just a little for some fun dimension. Add even more layers on the layers using embellishments like die cuts, sentiments, chipboard and more.

In the upper half of the layout, place your photo. Choose chipboard, die cuts, stickers, tags, etc. and start placing them under, around and over your photo. Start sticking it down once you like the design. I usually take a photo of the layout so that I don't have to think about the design again during this stage.  I just look at my phone and adjust here and there.

Next cut large letters for your title using the same coordinating patterns as your paper strips.  I used my Silhouette CAMEO but you could easily hand cut the letters.

Place your title down the left side of the page. Stitch them down like you did your strips. You could even add a few embellishments over your letters for even more layers.

Don't think too hard about your layers. Just start shuffling them around and around until you like how it looks and then commit.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

DIY Halloween Countdown Home Decor

Hello everyone. I'm here today to share a fun DIY Halloween project your entire family is sure to enjoy.
I don't know about you but Halloween is a huge deal in our house. My girls absolutely love dressing up, knocking on neighbors' doors and collecting all the treats they can.  They are always asking me how many days until Halloween so I thought I'd give them a fun activity they can look forward to each day.

  Supplies needed:
  • Wooden block or frame
  • Pattern paper
  • Embellishments like die cuts and puffy stickers
  • Clothespins
  • Gesso and paintbrush (optional)
Cut a fun quote out of a lighter colored pattern paper.  I chose "When witches go riding & black cats are seen 'tis ___ days until Halloween." You're going to add more patterns behind the pattern paper with the quote so you may want to tone it down with a bit of paint or gesso.

  Add fun pattern papers to the back of your quote paper.  Trim if necessary (you can see I had to trim). Adhere to coordinating background paper to help it pop off the wooden block.

  Cut large numbers for the countdown and a large bow for the top of your block / frame.

  Adhere additional embellishments. I tried to tie back to the witch and black cat theme and then added additional friends, like the spider and his web and the ghost. Now set it out for your family to enjoy, or in my case, for the kids to fight over who gets to change the date. Just kidding, kind of.


Friday, October 7, 2016

Away We Go Scrapbooking Layout

Hi everyone.  I absolutely adore the Pretty Little Studio Here Comes the Sun collection so I couldn't wait to play with it and the JustNick Studio Up in the Air cut file.

To create this layout, I supersized one of the hot air balloons. It's much taller than the 12" height so I cut it at a diagonal to keep it as one piece.

I kept the pieces that were cut and used them as guides to cut the pattern paper.  Then I glued it to the back of the large hot air balloon.

Once each section was filled in, I adhered it to a 2nd piece of cardstock, added the photo, embellishments and title.  Now I just have to journal and how it to my girls for their stamp of approval.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Quick Fall Hostess / Teacher Gift Idea

Hi everyone, I have a fun fall hostess gift idea on the Pebble blog (and here) to share with you today that you can whip up in a matter of minutes.

It's basically fall in a jar and it's bursting with traditional falls colors.  I'm going to let my girls give these to their teachers but they're perfect for a hostess gift or a little treat for your co-workers.

  • mason jars
  • your favorite Pebbles fall collection - pattern paper, die cuts, wood veneer
  • Twine
  • Paper piercer or hole punch
  • Sticky Thumb Sticky Dots
  • candy or trail mix

To create these, fill the mason jars with candy made up of the your favorite Autumn colors. Then, cut leaves using whatever tools you have.  I used my Silhouette CAMEO.  Then mix and match the leaves with a sentiment cut from one of the pattern papers in the 6x6 paper pad.  Punch a hole in them and tie them together with twine. Wrap around your mason jars and then add wood veneer using Sticky Dots.

You're halfway done at this point! Next, grab a few smaller leaves and a cute little wood veneer character. Adhere the leaves together, folding them the way a typical leaf would be folded. Adhere them to the top of the mason jar lid using another sticky dot.
Add a little bow to your character to give it even more character.  Adhere to the top of the lid using a stick dot.  I also attached a piece of cardstock as a base to the back of the wood veneer to help it stay standing upright.
And there you have it, two quick gifts using my favorite fall colors. I only hope my girls' teachers enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making them for them.

Pebbles Supplies: Woodland Forest Apple Cider pattern paper (733430) Woodland Forest Fall Florals pattern paper (733434) Woodland Forest Pears pattern paper (733428) Woodland Forest Wood Veneer Shapes (733439) Woodland Forest 6"x6" Paper Pad (733441) Sticky Thumb sticky dots (340274)

Monday, October 3, 2016

13 Things I Love About You Birthday Mini Album

Hi everyone. I'm here today to talk about quick journaling gifts.  This project was featured on the Pebbles blog in September but my daughter's birthday wasn't until this month so I had to withhold this from my blog.  Thankfully she didn't see the Pebbles blog.

My daughter's birthday is a BIG milestone birthday.  She's officially a teenager! Since this is such a momentous occasion, I thought it would be nice make her a birthday mini album and write 1 note to her for every year with the plan for her to read one every day leading up to her big day.

I'm pleased to say that this is the first gift she was eager to open, before all the large gift wrapped boxes.  She also took it to her birthday lunch with family to show it to everyone.  To say she appreciated it is an understatement.  It made me feel special to make her feel so special.
I wanted this to be something that can be made relatively quickly and can be scaled up or down depending on the number of years the birthday recipient is turning.  Afterall, if you choose to make something similar for a 30th birthday, you don't want it to take too 30 years.  Since I wanted it to be quick and easy, I chose to keep the embellishments and details to a minimum, plus I wanted this birthday mini album to have plenty of space for a favorite photo and journaling highlights from each year.
  How to:
  • This birthday mini album will have a finished size of 4x6" so your first step will be to trim your cardstock to 4x6". Be sure to cut a cover and enough pages for all the years you are celebrating.
  • Choose your favorite photos from each year and print them no larger than 2.5x2.5".  Add them to your pages if you are handwriting your journaling. If you are typing or using your CAMEO sketch pens, you'll want to do the journaling before you add the photos.
  • Next, add your journaling to the pages. You can choose to keep everything consistent from page to page or mix it and journal in different spots.  Make sure to leave enough space for your photos if you are adding the photos after your journaling.
  • Lastly, add embellishments.  I chose to keep it simple by adding a few strips of paper, punched circle and the year. I stitched these elements to each page to make sure they were nice and secure.

Now I get to add a 13 year page.  I can't wait!

You may choose to wrap each day's page separately so that she opens a new one each day. Make sure to include a book ring so the birthday girl or boy can piece them together each day to build their birthday mini album.

Pebbles Supplies: Birthday Wishes Printed Bags Birthday Wishes Hip Hip Hooray (732557) Birthday Wishes You're Invited (732556) Birthday Wishes Make a Wish (732553) Prismatic Thickers (732831) Cottage Living Imprint Thickers (732776) American Crafts White Cardstock

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Happy Together + Cut File Tutorial

Hello everyone.  Heather Leopard is here today with a layout using the new Graphic Chevron Background 2.  I love a great background cut file and this one did not disappoint.

I modified this file just slightly by removing 5 of the graphic chevrons - 2 were completely removed and 3 were replaced with a cut out for the photos.

 To get the perfect fit, I printed my photos so that the parts I wanted would show through.  Then I placed them under the cardstock and moved them around until I liked where they were.  Then I placed the piece that was cut out over the photo.  Then...

I pulled the photo with the cut out piece and cut around it, leaving ~1/4" border to add my liquid adhesive. That allowed me to get the perfect placement.

I added pattern paper to the back side of the cardstock in a very random order, filling some diamond chevron shapes completely while leaving so many others blank. I added my photos as well before adhering it all to a 2nd white cardstock background. I added my title and just a few embellishments to complete the layout.

Get this cut file here - Graphic Chevron Background 2

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Recipe for a Scrapbooking Layout

Hello, my friends.  The Pebbles team is documenting favorite recipes on the blog and since I like to be a bit "different", I thought I'd do a bit of a twist on the recipe projects.  All of my family recipes are tucked away in my recipe box so instead of scrapbooking a favorite recipe, I decided to create a recipe to share with you.  A recipe you can use in your every day scrapbooking...

Recipe for a Scrapbooking Layout

This recipe contains all the ingredients I use most often when creating a layout.  Feel free to right click the recipe image below to save a copy to your PC.  This recipe contains:
  • Select the perfect cut of photos. I usually use 1 photo but today I mixed 4 photos layered together to make one.
  • Blend together 5 coordinating pattern papers
  • Add a dash of machine or hand stitching
  • Garnish with embellishments (die cuts, wood veneer, cardstock/acetate shapes, chipboard, etc.) to create lots of layers
  • Add a dollop of alphas for a title
  • Complete the layout with journaling
I used the recipe above to create this scrapbooking layout today. I hope you enjoy it and use it as a guide for your scrapbooking needs.

Select the perfect cut of photos

I usually only use 1 - 2 photos on a page but because I know many Pebbles fans love to use multiple photos on a page, I thought I'd mix the two styles so that I could include multiple photos but only taking up the space of one.  To do this, I used my Fuse tool to create a waterfall photo flip.  I simply printed photos in different sizes and used the fuse tool to make protectors sized to the photo.

  I layered the photos over each other so that each of my children's faces and their word would show, with the last photo only revealing a photo of my husband and I and the last word of the sentence, which also serves as the main title.


Blend together 5 coordinating pattern papers

Next, I wanted to create a background of leaves but I also wanted to add some contrasting color so I trimmed my first pattern paper to 10"x12" and added a small border using my 2nd pattern paper to the left side. For the right side, I combined those two patterns used on the left with 2 additional pattern papers, overlapping them together to make a larger border on that side.

Add a dash of machine or hand stitching

No layout of mine would be complete without stitching.  For this layout, I stitched the seams of each border, leaving room to lift the paper just a bit.

Garnish with embellishments to create lots of layers

I used a combination of hand cut and die cuts leaves as well as wood veneer to add layers around my photo as well as to create the triangle visual design pattern around the page.

Add a dollop of alphas for a title and complete the layout with journaling

I'll admit, I almost never have a title in mind when I start creating.  I wouldn't recommend this but it's what I do and almost always work out.  Journaling is a key component to a layout that you really shouldn't go without.  Although you may remember the story as you are creating it, you probably won't remember those details years or decades from now and those who are looking at the pages in your album certainly won't remember it or may not have even been a part of the story so please, please add an ounce or two of journling, even if it's just the who, when and where. You can add journaling directly to the layout in various ways or you can add hidden journaling on the front or back of the page.  You don't always see it on the layouts I show online but I always add it. Sometimes I like to keep those details private and add them to the layout after photos are taken. So, while this recipe for a scrapbooking layout is not an official Pebbles challenge, I'd love to see your take on it. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram (@heatherleopard)

Supplies: Warm & Cozy Tweed Pattern Paper Warm & Cozy Afternoon Naps Pattern Paper Warm & Cozy Fall Day Pattern Paper Warm & Cozy Breezy Pattern Paper Warm & Cozy Fall Botanical Pattern Paper Warm & Cozy Ephemera Die-cuts Warm & Cozy Leaves Chipboard